New G2+ system

The first installation with the new G2+ system has been realized in the city of Castelldefels (Barcelona), concretely in the Residential El Castell, with a total of 80 housings. It consists in 2 buildings of 40 dwellings each, provided with a NEXA Aluminium pushbutton panel and 40 ART 4 monitors in each one of them.

The installation has been carried out with two risers distributed in each building.

The G2+ system allows the combination of audio units with headphones, hands-free audio, 4 and 7-inch monitors; those neighbours who wish to do so can choose the WIFI version of the new ART 7 monitor.

The G2+ system is an evolution of our successful GB2 system. With the new system, a greater wiring distance, a greater number of terminals per riser and a greater number of partial panels are achieved.

In addition, the G2+ system allows to combine in the same community installation audio, video and WIFI terminals.

The new APP G2call (available in Android and IOS) combines the most advanced functions of a video door phone with the security provided by a CCTV system.

From a single application it is possible to control all the installed panels and visualize the CCTV cameras. Even with domestic WIFI cameras developed for the system, by activating the motion detection function, it is possible to receive live video notifications.

El Castell Residential