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  • Kit technology : 4+n
  • Technology : 4+n
  • Kit type : Kit Flush mount
  • Design : Stadio Plus
  • Kit type : Kit Audio only

4280/AL eight ways audio kit

Reference : 4280/AL

Product code: 11284280B

EAN code : 8429898015590

4+n analogue installation.

Composed of:

  • Eight push button audio door panel.
  • CE615 embedding box.
  • 8 units of Tekna T-500 telephone with electronic call.
  • TF-104 transformer.

Up to 3 telephones in the same apartment.

To be used with 12Va.c. lock releases.

More information
Door panel characteristics:
  • Extruded aluminium door panel.
  • Electronic call with acoustic acknowledgement signal at the door panel.
  • Dimensions:
    • External: 134(W) x 228(H) mm.
    • Embedded: 125(W) x 220(H) x 56(D) mm.

Telephone characteristics:

  • Casing manufactured in ABS RAL9003 white colour.
  • Detachable telephone cord with connectors.
  • Wall mounting with multiple fixing points.
  • Electronic call.
  • Dimensions: 85(W) x 218(H) x 54(D) mm.