• Design: Rock Inox
  • Door station type: Audio
  • Door station type: Coded call
  • Technology: Plus
Golmar reserves the right to modify the technical characteristics, aesthetics and design without prior notice.

6403/INOX coded audio pack

Reference: 6403/INOX

Product code: 11386403

EAN code:

  • For systems with "Plus" digital installation.
  • Front of 2.5mm. thick manufactured in ANSI 304 stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel weatherproof keypad with blue illumination.
  • Large 2 x 16 bias lighted LCD display.
  • 5mm. thick polycarbonate LCD protector.
  • Security screws with special key.
  • Requires CE-7601 embedding box (not included).
  • Includes FA-Plus power supply and CV-14/DC lock release.


External: 155(W) x 290(H) mm.

Embedded: 137(W) x 272(H) x 60(D) mm.



More information
  • Removable terminal connector for easy wiring.
  • Privacy on audio and door open progresses.
  • Acoustic signals at the door panel to confirm the system status (call is in progress, system is busy, lock is activated).
  • Handset hang recognition which removes busy channel fixed times.
  • Easy system programming through the keypad or by using a computer.
  • Transmission of the repertory content to other door panels through the installation wires.
  • Programmable lock release activation time.
  • Two calling methods: direct entry of the apartment code or by searching the tenant name in the repertory.
  • Four codes access control of four digits each. The third code can be temporally disabled. The last code (panic code) sends an alert message to the concierge unit.
  • Cyclic messages with instructions for use, time, user text (i.e. building or street names) and system status are shown in the display.
  • This coded panel can manage of up to 255,000 apartments in a total of 255 buildings with coded door panels (1,000 apartments on each building). In case that the internal buildings have push buttons panels, the maximum number of buildings is reduced to 127, and the number of apartments on each internal building will depend on the selected door panel.
  • Use “Plus” or “Uno” telephones or monitors with the corresponding wall mounting connector. In case of twisted pair installation, an EL562 video receiver must be used on each monitor, with the exception of Szena Plus SE monitor. The maximum number of units inside the same apartment without additional power supplies, is three.
  • In case of systems containing “Uno” telephones, the maximum number of units is reduced to 200, and the total length of the installation cannot be longer than 200 meters, measured from the door panel to the distant unit. To increase the number of units or to reach longer distances, use RD-Plus/Uno SE digital repeaters. In internal door panels of residential complexes, use one repeater on each panel containing “Uno” units.
  • Use FA-Plus/C power supply on systems with 20 or less apartment units, or a FA-Plus power supply (included in the pack) for each group of 50 apartment units. Use a FA-Plus/C power supply for slave panels of systems with several access door panels, and one for the entire amount of switching units.