• Kit type: Kit Audio only
  • Kit type: Kit Surface mount
Golmar reserves the right to modify the technical characteristics, aesthetics and design without prior notice.

AS-1220SII 1 or 2 ways audio kit

Reference: AS-1220SII

Product code: 11400001

EAN code:

2 wires digital installation.

Composed of:

  • PES-1220 audio door panel.
  • Platea T-1772VD telephone with electronic call.
  • FA-133 transformer.

Up to 4 telephones in the same villa (four inside the same apartment on one family systems, two on each apartment in case of two families systems).

To be used with 12V d.c. lock releases.


More information

Door panel characteristics:

  • Injected aluminium door panel front in grey finish.
  • Surface installation with integrated rain shield.
  • Electronic call with acoustic acknowledgement signal at the door panel.
  • Push button can be used for 1 or 2 families.
  • Dimensions: 98(W) x 180(H) x 18(D) mm.

Telephone characteristics:

  • Casing manufactured in ABS RAL9003 white colour.
  • Detachable telephone cord with connectors.
  • Wall mounting with multiple fixing points.
  • Two positions call volume regulator with on-off function.
  • Intercom function between telephones (non selective).
  • Selectable activation of two lock releases.
  • Dimensions: 88(W) x 235(H) x 56(D) mm.