Nexa 90

Designed for the replacement of Serie 90 panels.

Nexa 90 is the compact panel for the direct replacement of Golmar Series 90 chalet and compact panels, without masonry work or adaptation frames. The larger Series 90 panels can be directly replaced with the three-height modular Nexa Aluminum. Manufactured in 1.8mm thick aluminium, with 4mm side profiles, ensure the rigidity of the joint between the modules of the panel. The aluminium's anodized treatment makes the panel easy to clean and maintained in perfect condition. While it´s lateral profiles provide greater robustness and give the feeling that the panel emerges from the wall, turning it into something more than a metal object.

To create the composition of your outdoor panel, you will need:

  • Select a control module according to the height of the existing panel and the number of push buttons.


Nexa 90CS: 128(W) x 173(H) mm.

Nexa 90C: 128(W) x 268(H) mm.

Nexa 3 MÓD.: 128(W) x 358(H) mm.

  • Use the existing embedding box.

Once the mechanical composition has been finished, complete the panel with the necessary electronic modules according to the type of installation:

Control modules

  • 4+n analog audio installation: EL655.
  • 2-wire "2Plus" digital audio installation: EL620/2Plus.
  • 2-wire digital audio installation "GB2": EL642/GB2A.
  • 2-wire digital video installation "GB2": EL632/GB2B.
  • 4-wire digital audio installation “Plus”: EL642/Plus.
  • CAT5 or 3 wires + coaxial digital video installation "Plus": EL632/PLUS P/T.
  • 3-wire digital audio installation "Vista Plus": EL642/R5.
  • 5-wire digital video installation “Vista Plus": EL632/R5 P/T.
  • 2-wire digital video installation "Gtwin": EL632/GTWIN.

Pushbutton modules

  • 4+n analog audio installation: EL610A.
  • 2Plus, Gb2, Plus, Vista Plus or Gtwin digital installations: EL610D 10P.

*In Gtwin the first module requires the EL606D 6P pushbutton module.

The video modules incorporate a colour camera with wide-angle optics and LED lighting for night vision.

To help hearing impaired visitors, colour icons will light up to show the status of the system: call is in progress, in communication, door opened, or system occupied. In addition, on the “GB2” and "Gtwin", systems, voice messages indicate the different states of the system in several languages, being of great help for the visitors with visual difficulties.

Choosing the Nexa 90 panel makes your job easier: the internal modules, with removable connectors and pre-wired pushbuttons, will save you effort, time and money.

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