Nexa Inox

The anti-vandal version of the Nexa line, the Nexa Inox panel made of 2 mm thick ANSI 304 stainless steel, is used in both the frame as in the modules, gives it great resistance against acts of vandalism. A special treatment applied to the material prevents the corrosion, resisting in the most adverse climatic environments, all this together with an elegant and distinguished design make this panel an ideal choice for the most exclusive houses and buildings.

Optionally, the panels can be supplied with PVD treatment, offering long-lasting finishes in gold or black.


As well as painted in any RAL® colour.

The frames of the Nexa Inox panel are available in four heights, which can be horizontally linked to create larger panels. Thanks to the great variety of modules and accessories, you will be able to create the panel that best suits your project.

It has the following types of modules to customize its composition:

  • Conventional modules
Control module Pushbutton module Blank or informative viewfinder


  • Special modules
Keypad module Navigation Proximity Accessibility


To create the composition of your outdoor panel, you will need:

  • Select a grid module NX1xxx/AL.
  • Add NX3xxx/AL pushbutton modules until the desired number of pushbuttons is obtained or use access control modules.
  • The maximum number of modules in vertical position is 4 units (up to 3 in “Gold” and “Black”), in horizontal position there is no limit.
  • Select a CE6XX embedding box and NX600x frame depending on the number of modules placed vertically.
  • In the case of panels with more than one horizontal module, order as many embedding boxes and NX600x frames as there are horizontal modules in the panel. Use UC to link them (except in CE640 embedding boxes).

Once the mechanical composition has been finished, complete the panel with the necessary electronic modules depending on the type of installation:


The video modules incorporate a colour camera with wide-angle optics and LED lighting for night vision.

To help hearing impaired visitors, colour icons will light up to show the status of the system: call is in progress, in communication, door opened, or system occupied. In addition, on the "GB2" and "Gtwin" systems, voice messages indicate the different states of the system in several languages, being of great help for the visitors with visual difficulties.

Choosing the Nexa Inox panel makes your job easier: the internal modules, with removable connectors and pre-wired pushbuttons, will save you effort, time and money.


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