Kit MiniNote+ connects with everything

The new "MiniNote+ Kit" from Golmar is much more than a video door entry system. Easy installation thanks to its 2-wire technology without polarity in all sections. Valid for new installations or replacement of existing bells.

The Mikra outdoor panel of this new kit is vandal-resistant and watertight, to offer the maximum guarantee, with the possibility of surface or embedded installation. It has two contacts to open the main door and the garage door or any other function we want to perform.

Inside, the new CX-MODO monitor is the heart of the system. Equipped with an extra-flat 7" screen with touchscreen icon, it allows easy and intuitive operation of all functions.
To increase your security, it has an image memory of 100 captures, with date and time of all calls made from the entry panel. When the stored maximum is reached, the last image will automatically be saved, deleting the oldest image.

You also have the possibility of connecting the Wifi module to receive the call with the image on your mobile phone. Enjoy the new CallMe APP valid for Android and IOS. The application is completely free and by creating a single account we can receive the call from different points, for example: office, home, workshop, etc..
But that's not all, the new CX-MODO monitor incorporates the YOKIS radio module, with 8 functions and 4 scenarios. Thanks to this extraordinary integration you will be able to manage: shutters, lights or automate any function without cables. All the YOKIS home automation system through the monitor is radio and does not need batteries, making it a very simple system to install, use and maintenance-free.
There's no longer any need to settle for just a few video intercom functions, the new "MiniNote+ Kit" offers you all of them, so you can enjoy maximum connectivity anywhere.

Commercial brochure here.