• Access control and door locks
  • Design : Nexa Aluminium
  • Design : Nexa Inox
  • Access control : RFID
  • Access control : Standalone
  • Design : Nexa Inox Gold
  • Design : Nexa Inoc Black

EL4503/NFC reader

Reference : EL4503/NFC

Product code: 11814503

EAN code : 8429898017181

  • Stand alone access control module through NFC reader.
  • Reduced size.
  • Available for both Nexa aluminium and inox door panel series.

More information
  • Two programming methods: basic, through local dip-switch (confirmations by means of luminous and acoustic operation indicators) or advanced, using Access Control Manager software for Android®.
  • Two programming methods: basic, by means of local micro-switch (confirmations by means of luminous and acoustic operation indicators) or advanced by means of the Access Control Manager app for Android®.
  • The NFC/IN installer card is required for advanced programming.
  • Up to 2,000 user cards, stored in up to 32 user groups.
  • Smartphones with NFC technology can work with this access control using the OpenGo application for Android®.
  • Three types of user cards are available, depending on the number of uses: permanent until deactivated (NFC/US), rechargeable from one use (NFC/1U) and programmable from multiple uses (NFC/MU).
  • User access available in keychain version: TAGNFC/US.


  • Quick-connect terminals for easy connection.
  • Two output voltage-free (relay) with programmable time (NO, C, NC) besides to panic output. 2 inputs for external pushbutton activation relay (PL1) and (PL2).
  • Programmable activation time (3 to 99 seconds).
  • No tamper as well as Nexa bus connection (available in EL4502/NFC version).
  • Power supply at 12V a.c. or 18 c.c. It is possible to use the door panel power supply (in case this works with the detailed power supply).
  • Embellisher module required:
  • Nexa Aluminum: N3001/AL, N3111/AL, N3121/AL, N3221/AL or N3241/AL.
  • Nexa Inox: NX3001, NX3111, NX3121, NX3221 or NX3241.