• Door stations
  • Design : Nexa Aluminium
  • Door station type : Video
  • Door station type : Audio
  • Door station type : Push buttons
  • Technology : Plus
  • Access control : Numeric keypad
  • Access control : Standalone
  • : StandAlone
  • : Lectores
  • : PIN
  • : Presencial
  • Door station type : Coded call
  • : Terminales autónomos
  • Access control and door locks : Access control

N3301/AL access control keypad module

Reference : N3301/AL

Product code: 11883301

EAN code : 8429898012902

  • For Nexa aluminium door panel.
  • Front of 1.8mm. thick anodized extruded aluminium.
  • Backlit numeric keypad with stainless steel covered push buttons.
  • Can operate as standalone access control or keypad for coded panels.

External dimensions: 100(W) x 100(H) mm.

More information
  • Selectable acoustic acknowledgement signal on push.
  • Light status indication.
  • Removable terminal connector for easy wiring.
  • Tamper alarm.
  • 2 relay outputs (N/C or N/O) with independent remote activation input and panic output (12Vd.c.).
  • Remote activation inputs can be enabled / disabled through a programmable code.
  • Programmable activation time (1 to 99 sec.) and output mode (single shoot or stable).
  • 1,000 codes of 4, 5 or 6 digits. Each code can be programmed to activate a combination of outputs.
  • User codes and special codes can be changed without the need to enter into programming mode.
  • Access control can be disabled during a period of time after the introduction of a number of wrong consecutive codes.
  • 12V a.c. or 18 to 24V d.c. power input. It can use the same power supply than the one used for the complete panel, with no dependence on the installation type (except on IP systems).