• Apartment units
  • Technology : Plus
  • Unit type : Audio only
  • Unit type : Hands free
  • Technology : Plus

NHEA PLUS SE hands free audio unit

Reference : NHEA PLUS SE

Product code: 11700140

EAN code : 8429898017426

  • "Plus" four wires digital installation.
  • Casing manufactured in polished ABS white colour.
  • Capacitive touch buttons with acoustic confirmation on press.
  • Surface installation of 19mm. depth only.
  • Includes mounting connector.

Dimensions: 90(W) x 138(H) x 19(D) mm.

More information

• Electronic call.
• Two positions electronic call volume regulator with on-off function.
• Privacy on audio and door open progresses.
• Input for door bell apartment push button.
• Different call reception tones depending where the call is coming from.
• Uses the lock release push button to call to the concierge unit, with panic call facility.
• Background tones in the telephone handset confirm that outgoing calls are in progress.

• Additional push button with one of the followings selectable functions:
o Activation of auxiliary devices using SAR-12/24 relay units.
o Intercommunication between two “Plus” units in the same apartment.
o Call to a second concierge unit.
• Output for activation of a SAV-90 call repeater or a SAR-12/24 relay unit during call reception.
• The maximum number of units inside the same apartment, without additional power supplies, is three.