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R-Szena Plus SE 3.5" hands free colour monitor replacement

Reference : R-SZENA PLUS SE

Product code: 19984026

EAN code : 8429898027890

  • "Plus" digital installation of CAT5 or 3 wires + coaxial cable.
  • Casing manufactured in polished ABS black colour.
  • Removable front covers delivered in black and white colours.
  • 3.5" colour TFT LCD screen.
  • Surface (35mm depth) or embedded installations (11mm. depth, using CE-SZENA embedding box).
  • Requires RC-SZENA mounting connector.

External: 97(W) x 207(H) x 35(D) mm.
Embedded: 87(W) x 194(H) x 42(D) mm.

More information
  • On Screen Display menu allowing the user to adjust picture parameters (brightness, contrast and colour) and communication parameters (bidirectional audio levels and call volume regulation). Monitor programming can be done through this menu also.
  • Full duplex audio communication. On noisy environments the monitor can be switched to PTT mode (push to talk, release to listen).
  • Privacy on audio, video and door open progresses.
  • Video spy and auto switch-on functions.
  • Input for door bell apartment push button.
  • Different call reception tones depending where the call is coming from.
  • Uses the lock release push button to call to the concierge unit.
  • Panic call to the concierge unit and connection to a second concierge.
  • Background tones confirm that outgoing calls are in progress.
  • Output for activation of a SAV-90 call repeater or a SAR-12/24 relay unit during call reception.
  • Activation of auxiliary devices (second camera, lights, ...), using SAR-12/24 relay units.
  • Intercommunication between two "Plus" units in the same apartment. During intercom function, call from the door panel can be attended.
  • Use D4L-Plus/RJ45 or D6L-Plus/2H video distributors in case of CAT5 installation or D4L-Plus video distributors in case of coaxial cable installations, according to the wiring run.
  • The maximum number of units inside the same apartment, without additional power supplies, is three.
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