• Isolating gel

SEAL BIT 2+ isolating gel

Reference : SEAL BIT 2+

Product code: 20630002

EAN code : 8429898014869

  • Bicomponent isolating gel.
  • For electrical and electronic protection.
  • Two bottles of 500ml to be mixed.

More information

Seal Bit 2+ Gel, a two-component insulator for equal mixing.
It can be used as an insulator in several applications that require total and reversible sealing.
In 4 minutes we will be able to finish the process.


Supplied with two two-component bottles and a quick acting mixing glass with plastic spatula.

Technical Specifications
Working temperature: -60º/+200ºC.
Dielectric strength: >23KV/mm.
Installation temperature: 40º/+110ºC.
Degree of protection: IP 68 with the appropriate container.